About our Egg Sizes

Exceeding industry standards, Shevington Farm offers customers generous egg sizes

Our Jumbo Trays offer eggs of 69 grams and over

Our Regular Trays offer eggs between 53 grams and 68 grams.   These are mixed-grade trays, with egg sizes varying between size 6, 7 and 8 eggs in each tray.

    Also watch for our “SPECIALS   

    From time to time we will promote other sizes at great prices.    



    If you are buying fresh eggs they are generally best kept in a cool position away from direct sunlight, at a temperature between 7 degrees and 15 degrees Celsius.

    Eggs are porous, which means smells and liquid can be absorbed by the tiny pores on the eggs shell.   Though it is not compulsory, storing eggs in their cartons in the fridge helps prevent this.  If you like to store your eggs in the refrigerator we recommend you place your eggs on a middle or lower shelf rather than in the door of the fridge so the temperature is more consistent.      



    NZ Food Safety Certification